Want to add some pizazz to your wedding or special event?

 Give your projections a little extra “WOW” with our selection of special effects. Project a field or flowers or make snowflakes move. Using our effects can really add to your theme and have your guests wondering ” How did you do that?”

Need some party supplies? We also offer Confetti Canons and Disco Balls for a night of fun!


CWALV LLC offers two type of effects to give a little pizazz to your gobo projection. We offer a kaleidoscope affect and/or a rotator to make your projection move.


Our Kaleidoscope affect is done by an image multiplexer which uses an array of prisms to expand the projected image six times. This is an great affect to use for projections of stars, snowflakes, flowers, ect.  This effect comes free with standard image gobo purchase.

$50 per rotator

Want to make your image projection feel more realistic? Make it move with a gobo rotator. This rotates your image around to give it more of natural feeling and an extra “wow” to your projection. This is great for stars spinning, snowflakes falling, flowers moving, ect.


$50 each

Have a blast of confetti at your event. CWALV LLC can provide confetti cannons to be shot off at the time of your choosing. Our confetti shots come in either multi-colors or solid colors. Can be tailored to your events color theme.


We offer 12 inch disco balls that you can either dry rent or be included in your DJ packages. Either you set these up yourselves or with a additional fee CWALV LLC will hang these for you.

Disco Balls rental                                                                           $25 each

Disco Balls with set up fee                                                           $50 each



Have an special effect in mind but do not see it listed here.

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