Want to create your own lighted atmosphere and save some money?? Rent lights from us!

Renting from us gives you the freedom to set up the lights the way you want and how you want. Just let us know how many lights you need and when you need them. We set up a time with you to drop off lights before your event and then schedule a time to meet afterwards for pick up.

CWALV LCC offers two type of lighting……


Examples of our LED Light colors.. Left to right red, yellow, green,dark blue, teal. magenta,and white. Please note that colors may vary depending on wall coloring.


LED LIGHTS $20 each

  • Our LED lights are able to do 7 different colors: Green, Magenta, Teal, Dark Blue, Red, White, and Yellow.
  • LED lights stay cool our night long.
  • They come in either silver or white cans. (depends on availability)
  • Instructions for easy set-up


PIN-SPOT UP-LIGHTS $55 per box

  • Box of 8 lights ( 6 + 2 spares)
  • Comes with pre-cut color, no additional charge for this
  • Thousands of color options to chose from. We will work with you to find the best color.

** Delivery pick up and drop off at Elegant Occasions or similar.**

***Venue specific time and date $50 additional charge.***